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Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption currently works with multiple shelters in Spain to transport available Galgo Espanol to the Chicago area.  Our adoption fees for each Galgo Espanol is determined by the cost of the transport from Spain to the US, and ranges from $550.00 to $1000.00.  To help lower the adoption fee, LHBGA seeks sponsors for each Galgo brought to the US.  The adoption fee or transport cost is broken down as follows:

1) Spain Shelter adoption fee $260.00 (which covers spay/neuter, blood work, and all vaccinations)

2) Airline crate for the transport of the Galgo $200.00

3) Airline cargo fee – Iberia costs $400.00 (Iberia is the only airline that has direct flight to Chicago)

Total estimated costs: $860.00

Our adoption area is within a 6 hour drive from Chicago, IL.  This allows us to be at least one days drive away in case the adoption does not work out or for other emergency issues with the Galgo or adoptive family.  Most Galgos require a 6 foot fence due to their great jumping ability and high prey drive.  We do adopt to families that do not have a fence as long as they commit to leash walking only and to never use a tie down.

LHBGA also highly recommends the adopter purchase a spook harness for their new Galgo Español. The spook harness will help prevent your new family member from slipping out of a normal greyhound harness. The Spook harness can be purchased from http://www.majesticcollars.com/harness.htm During the first couple weeks as they are adjusting to their new surrounds is when they are most likely to escape, using a spook harness will help prevent the Galgo from escaping during a walk. LHBGA also requires a 6 foot fence, or a commitment to leash walk only, unless otherwise noted in the adoption packet. Galgo Español are great jumpers and can easily jump a four foot fence. All dogs should always be supervised while outside in a backyard and should never be left unattended.

Application to Adopt a Galgo

Please download an application and send in the completed application to info@lhbgalgorescue.org.

Click Here to Download an Application

Once we receive your application we will send you an email notifying you that we have received it. After reviewing your application we will call you for a phone interview and to go over your application, home environment, current pets, type of pet you are looking for, and discuss adding a Galgo Español to your family. We will contact your references and verify your application, once your application is passed, we will schedule a home visit with you. We require an introduction to your current pets with the Galgo the adopter is interested in to make sure there is a match.

Our adoption process from completing application to welcoming your new family member to their new home can take as short as two weeks and as long as 30 days.

If you have any questions about our adoption process, costs, or available Galgos please contact us at info@adoptagalgo.com


Available Galgos

Azkatie - Reserved

Birthday: 2013-09-17

Weight: 23.9kg

Height: 67cm.

Azkatie is a sweet affectionate Galgo.  When he meets new people he is shy, but he warms up quickly and becomes a good friend.  He enjoys playing with toys, dancing waiting for his food, and sleeping on the couch or dog bed.  Azkatie is small dog safe and will make a great family member.

If you or someone you know is flying from Spain to the USA, and would be interested an escorting a Galgo please contact us.  To learn more about escorting Galgos to the USA please read this information

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