Galgos for Adoption



Age: 2yrs 10 months

Sex: Male

Cat Safe: Not Tested

Vilal is still trying to get used to his new life. Vival’s life before he was rescued by Fundación Benjamín Mehnert had to be a very bad life. He still has many fears, but they are slowly becoming less and less. He still has fear of people, including me, but he is learning Amanda and I can be trusted. You can see in the video the times he forgot about his fears for a short time, and you can see the little bit of joy he is experiencing.

Vilal is looking for a family that is understanding and patient while he learns about his new life. He enjoys attention but has not built his confidence up enough to ask for it. In time he will be a loving family member to some lucky family.

Hans - Reserved


This is Hans. He will also be coming to the USA on August 26th. He is a handsome, sweet boy. He’s good with kids, small dogs and cats.

Sostenido - Reserved

Sostenido is coming to the USA on August 26th and is reserved!!


Judith - Reserved


Judith will be coming to the USA on August 26th and is already reserved!!!

Faruk on Medical Hold in Spain

He came on 3rd Feb. 17 from Galguero Village Born 21st Feb. 14

Height: 27 in.

Weight: 56lbs

Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Act.-level: Medium
Leash:  ok

Faruk is still shy but very friendly. In the beginning it takes him time and effort to gain confidence  but once he trusts he becomes your shadow... Faruk suffered a severe break to his front leg and needed surgery to repair the break and 6 months of therapy to heal.  He is now ready to travel to Chicago to find his forever home.